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Meet EVE

The smarter working android, available now. Currently in operation across the world, EVE is a wheeled android built to work alongside your team from logistics to retail.

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In Development
Meet NEO

Your intelligent android assistant, currently in development. NEO is a bipedal android with humanoid hands designed for general applications.

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Collaboration between Everon and 1X: A New Era in Security Robotics

Right now, EVEs are at work in spaces guarded by Everon. Learn more about our landmark partnership.

A Gearless Future

Our CEO Bernt Øivind Børnich lays out 1X’s vision for gearless mechanics to enable safe, balanced, and smart androids for all.

Android Faqs

What is an android?

Androids are robots with a human-like appearance. They’re designed to look like people and mimic our actions in order to navigate our world: 1X’s androids can pick up common objects in your household or office, fit through regular doors, and integrate seamlessly into the built world to support and empower people.

How is EVE different from NEO?

EVE is a wheeled android designed specifically for work settings: they can move faster on wheels than on two feet, along with carrying more weight, and overall their features are focused to make them optimized for settings like logistics or retail. Conversely, NEO is a bipedal android, meaning they have two legs and feet, that is currently in development. As a general purpose android, NEO is designed to fit into your everyday life as your intelligent assistant.

How are EVE and NEO built?

Our android model EVE is a wheeled android that’s currently at work in real-world workplaces, built with internal mechanics that mimic human muscle movement rather than rigid hydraulics. Our upcoming model NEO is an innovative bipedal type of humanoid robot. That means they’re designed to look and move even more like a human: NEO has a head, torso, arms, and legs, just like us, so they can interact with the world in a way that feels familiar to us. NEO will walk, grab things, and communicate through facial expressions. Read more about our philosophy on human-inspired design in our CEO Bernt’s post, “A Gearless Future.”

Why the human shape?

If you look at the modern world, everything is made for us, from how we walk to how we work. So in order  to create androids that interface with our world effectively, the human shape is the most efficient form. It's much easier for people to teach androids to navigate our built environment and develop intelligent behaviors, rather than changing our environment to suit the needs of androids.

How can androids meet the world's labor demand?

We envision a world where androids use their smart behavior to autonomously support our world, filling roles that are unsafe or unmet by the human labor force. 1X is starting off with roles like warehouse logistics and guarding as first applications of EVE, and then we plan to grow toward our broader vision of applications like assisted living.

Every task we train our androids to perform gets us closer to expanding the use of safe, balanced, and smart general purpose androids.

How do 1X androids develop “smart behavior?”

Our androids use embodied learning to understand and interact with the world among us. By learning through expert demonstrations by our operators and natural language commands, our androids will intelligently string together the actions they need to take to solve problems or accomplish tasks. As we we explore, test, learn, and iterate, 1X androids will get continually more efficient, setting new standards for android performance in a wide array of uses.

How Work Moves Forward
EVE is available now.

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