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A Gearless Future

Our CEO Bernt Øivind Børnich lays out 1X’s vision for gearless mechanics to enable safe, balanced, and smart androids for all.

NEO Specifications

1.65 meters
The average height of an adult.
30 kilograms
The weight of a Norwegian sled dog.
4 kilometers/hour walk speed
A natural strolling pace.
12 kilometers/hour run speed
An 8-minute mile.
20 kilograms carry capacity
About four cans of paint.
2-4 hour run time
NEO’s vision and movement can be quickly taken over by a remote human operator if you need support.
NEO’s body is engineered with muscle-like anatomy instead of rigid hydraulics so they’re strong and gentle like we are.
NEO can walk, jog, climb stairs, and navigate your space naturally. As they move and perform tasks, they get even more efficient.
Want to help build NEO? Explore open roles.
Want to help build NEO? Explore open roles.
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neo FAQs

What is NEO?

Our android model NEO is an innovative bipedal type of humanoid robot. That means they’re designed to look and move like a human: NEO has a head, torso, arms, and legs, just like us, so they can interact with the world in a way that feels familiar to us; they’ll walk, grab things, and communicate through facial expressions.

What can NEO do?

NEO is an android with a wide range of capabilities. They excel in industrial tasks in sectors like security, logistics, manufacturing, operating machinery, and handling complex tasks. Long term, we envision NEO providing valuable home assistance and performing chores like cleaning or organizing.

1X is also looking into how NEO can offer support to individuals with mobility challenges, fetching items and providing companionship. NEO’s potential also extends to research, helping the robotics community to explore fields like psychology and artificial intelligence. With NEO’s continuous evolution, the possibilities for assistance, productivity, and learning are boundless.

Why is NEO modeled after a human?

Androids are made to look like humans for different reasons. Firstly, humans are flexible and can move around in all sorts of ways. By copying our shape and movements, 1X’s androids can do complex tasks and get around easily.

Secondly, we're really good at understanding each other without words, like using expressions and gestures, and when androids look like us, they can use these familiar ways to communicate and work with humans.

Lastly, since everything in our world is made for humans, it's easier to have androids that fit into our world without changing too much. So by being designed like us, androids can climb our stairs, open our doors, and be helpful everywhere we need them.

How does NEO use artificial intelligence (AI)?

Using embodied artificial intelligence, NEO will understand its environment deeper, thanks to the fusion of their AI “senses” and their physical body. NEO continuously learns and improves, becoming smarter and more capable over time.

The more you interact with them, navigating life with NEO will feel natural and intuitive. NEO will understand their own environment and how to handle fragile items, creating seamless collaboration and immersive human-android interaction.

Can NEO be my personal assistant?

While NEO is still in development, they’re being designed to be an all-purpose android assistant to your daily life. That means NEO will be able to take on many common tasks, whether helping you around the house, completing chores, or running errands.

How will NEO perform general purpose labor?

1X’s embodied learning models combine artificial intelligence with advanced human-like robotics to allow NEO to safely do almost anything you can. They’ll serve as an extra set of hands in any context where you need assistance, making them especially useful for the elderly or those with mobility challenges. As NEO moves, they’ll get smarter, making them able to take on increasingly more complex tasks over time.