Bernt, founder and CEO of 1X smiling with EVEBernt, founder and CEO of 1X smiling with EVE
our mission

1X designs androids that work alongside people, to meet the world’s labor demands and build an abundant society.

closeup of NEO cleaning a table
our Perspective
We believe that to serve our world, androids need to experience our world. That’s why 1X’s products are inspired by human nature, inside and out.

Our Story

A sketch of robotic materials
By 2030, there will be an estimated 85 million unfilled jobs around the globe.

To fill those open roles and enable the modern world, we need automation. But until 2015, no one had built a safe, functional robot to perform useful tasks in the real, unstructured world where we all live. Then, 1X was born.

Originally named Halodi Robotics, CEO Bernt Øyvind Børnich founded the company to realize a new solution: general purpose robots, created with new design principles, with technology so safe that they can go beyond the factory floor to work in our world.
Every inch of our hardware, software, and services are designed and built in-house, including our proprietary motor called Revo1.

With the world's highest torque to weight direct drive servo, Revo1 is tailored explicitly for low gear-ratio robotics. Paired with flexible mechanics that mimic organic muscle movement, EVE and NEO are truly inspired by human nature.

Since those early breakthroughs, we’ve partnered with the world leader in artificial intelligence, OpenAI, to combine robotics and AI and create embodied artificial intelligence. We believe embodied AI will lead to intuitive, natural interactions between androids and people: safe, balanced, and smart.
A 1X employee holding and working with wires
Bernt, CEO and founder of 1X on stage talking about EVE and NEO
Now, we’re building androids at commercial scale, in order to train our own proprietary AI model to work alongside those of our partners. As EVE and NEO work, they’ll get smarter about how to inhabit our world.

With every step, 1X androids take us closer to realizing the vision we cast a decade ago: to meet the world’s labor demands and build an abundant society, Side by Side.
Our Design Philosophy

Safety First.

1X tests every EVE in real-world scenarios before they’re deployed and ensures that every operator is trained to work with them.

EVE’s soft, organically-inspired mechanics make them safer from the inside out, so they’re ready for your workplace.

Balanced Performance.

They move like us, so they can meet your needs. 1X engineers our products for high precision and gentle strength, modeled after human muscle movement, so they can fit into your work in a more natural, intuitive way.

Smart Behavior.

Androids embody artificial intelligence. 1X combines thoughtfully-designed bodies with advanced AI minds, so they can move throughout your space and you can control them from a distance.

AI innovators.
World-class roboticists.
Just curious people.

Our androids combine so many cutting edge technologies, to benefit society in so many spaces and industries. No matter what inspires you, apply to join the movement at 1X.