About Us

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Our Perspective
We believe that to serve our world, humanoids need to experience our world.

That’s why 1X’s products are inspired by human nature, inside and out.

Our Story


Originally founded as Halodi Robotics, CEO Bernt Øyvind Børnich founded the company to realize a new solution: general purpose robots that can perform labor alongside humans.

Revo1 Powers Up

Inspired by human nature, we developed the world’s highest torque to weight drive servo motor, Revo1. Tailored explicitly for low gear-ratio robotics and flexible mechanics, Revo1 mimics organic muscle movement in our products.

1X Takes the Next Step

In 2019, we established our dual headquarters in San Francisco and Norway. Now, we’re a global team collaborating around the world daily.

Everon Joins the Movement

We announced out partnership with Everon by ADT Commercial, including an international contract to deploy 150-250 humanoids for night guarding in US commercial buildings.

1X Gets Smart with OpenAI

In 2022 we partnered with the world leader in artificial intelligence, OpenAI, to combine robotics and AI and lay the foundation for embodied learning.

Safety First. Everyday Intelligence. Global Scale.

Now, we’re building humanoids at commercial scale, to train our proprietary embodied learning model and work alongside our partners. As EVE and NEO work, they’ll get smarter about how to inhabit our world.


Build the future of robotics with us

If you're smart, kind, driven, and you want to build humanoids, join us. Take the next step in your career at 1X.

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