1X builds humanoids for everyday life.

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our mission

1X creates an abundant supply of labor via safe, intelligent humanoids.


NEO learns to take care of you and your life, so you can get back to living it. Coming soon.

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Embodied learning

How 1X humanoids train for your home

What is embodied learning?

Our humanoids are trained in 1X Studio using teleoperation. A robot operator logs in, and gives an expert demonstration on how to complete the desired task. Based on embodied learning, NEO gets smarter and eventually understands natural language and diverse environments.

NEO and EVE receive your task.

No key phrases or special prompts required. Ask NEO, “Will you hand me that book?”, like you would ask anyone else.

The AI “mind” strings together actions.

From your request, EVE and NEO can intelligently break down each step.
For example: moving towards the book, picking it up, and bringing it to you.

NEO is always learning.

NEO builds on years of EVE’s real world experience. That means a task like “move that book” makes future tasks like “move that bag” even easier.

closeup of NEO cleaning a table
Our Perspective
We believe that to serve our world, humanoids need to experience our world.
That’s why 1X’s products are inspired by human nature, inside and out.

Build the future of robotics with us

If you're smart, kind, driven, and you want to build humanoids, join us. Take the next step in your career at 1X.

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A 1X employee working while sitting in a chair at the 1X office

Podcast: Eric Jang, VP of AI, Sharing Insights on Humanoid Robotics

San Francisco, Norway, and beyond.
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The 1X HQ located in Oslo, Norway. The building is a brick buildng by a riverThe 1X HQ located in Oslo, Norway. The building is a brick buildng by a river