Androids built to meet the world’s labor demands.

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Our Mission
1X designs androids that work alongside people, to meet the world’s labor demands and build an abundant society.
Our Perspective
We believe that to serve our world, androids need to experience our world. That’s why 1X’s products are inspired by human nature, inside and out.
our commitment to safety
Every EVE is tested in real-world scenarios at the 1X Studio and quality assured before they’re deployed to a customer’s worksite.
JANUARY 25-26, 2024

Attend the First-Ever 1X Open House

25 engineers will be selected to attend an educational program at 1XHQ in Moss, Norway and interact with our androids.

Our Androids

Meet EVE

The smarter working android, available now. Currently in operation across the world, EVE is a wheeled android built to work alongside your team from logistics to retail.

Our Androids

Meet NEO

Your intelligent android assistant, currently in development. NEO is a bipedal android with humanoid hands designed for general applications.

How Androids Learn

Embodied learning starts in The Studio. Before they enter the real world, every 1X android learns how to perform essential tasks safely through demonstrations by our expert operators.


An android receives your task.

After they’re trained, there are no keyphrases or special prompts required. For example: you could ask EVE, “Will you grab that box?,” just like you would ask anyone else.


Their AI “mind” strings together actions.

From “grab that box,” EVE can intelligently break down each step to take: moving across the warehouse, picking up the box with the right amount of strength, and coming back.


The android gains experience.

Just like muscle memory, 1X androids get better at common tasks every time. Then, that knowledge makes new tasks like “grab that lightbulb” even more seamless.

The Android Revolution: Transforming Civilization with Information

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