Androids Built to Benefit Society.

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Meet EVE, the smarter working android, available now.
Friendly portrait image of EVE
NEO opening a door into a hallway
Meet NEO, your intelligent android assistant, currently in development.
NEO opening a door into a hallway

Embodied Artificial Intelligence.

1X is advancing the fields of robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) by combining them in an unprecedented way: general purpose androids, inspired by human nature.

As they move, they get smarter, becoming as strong, gentle, and capable as we are. Simply by working alongside you, 1X’s androids will learn to adapt to universal applications.

Side by Side Guarding.

1X is proud to work with ADT Commercial to develop EVE for commercial security use as part of ADT Commercial’s EvoGuard suite of intelligent guarding solutions.

Closeup image of EVE's materials, with the logos of 1X and ADT Commercial

Safety First.

1X tests every android in real-world scenarios before they’re deployed.

Their soft, organically-inspired mechanics make them safer from the inside out, so they’re ready for your space.

Balanced Performance.

They move like us, so they can meet your needs. 1X engineers our products for high precision and gentle strength, modeled after human muscle movement, so they can fit into your work in a more natural, intuitive way.

Smart Behavior.

Androids embody artificial intelligence. 1X combines thoughtfully-designed bodies with advanced AI minds, so they can move throughout your space and you can control them from a distance.

Careers at 1X

Developing safe and beneficial AI requires people from a wide range of disciplines and backgrounds. If you're smart, kind, driven, and you want to build androids, join us. Take the next step in your career at 1X.
Be nice. Stay smart. Make history.
Join us in shaping the future of technology.
Office of 1X
“We’re building androids to serve our world, so we think our team should come from all over it. If you want to make history, join our inclusive and competent team at 1X.”
Bernt Øivind Børnich,
CEO and Founder of 1X
Bernt, founder and CEO of 1X smiling besides EVE
Side by Side.