Meet EVE

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introducing EVE
Safe, balanced, and smart. EVE is the smarter working android. Available now.

How EVE Learns in The 1X Studio

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EVE observes an expert.

Moving equipment, opening doors, and fulfilling orders are all part of EVE’s training, as they observe how to move through space naturally.

EVE recreates tasks.

EVE’s embodied learning model connects artificial intelligence to dynamic android physicality, so they recreate movements and get to work.

EVE gains experience.

EVE builds on their basic knowledge. 
That means a task like “move that box” 
makes future tasks like “move that pallet” even easier over time.

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EVE Specifications

1.86 meters
As tall as most refrigerators.
86 kilograms
The weight of a kangaroo.
14.4 kilometers/hour top speed
A natural strolling pace.
15 kilograms carry capacity
About four cans of paint.
6-hour run time
A human operator can control a fleet of up to 15 EVEs, tap into their cameras and control their movement to take action from a distance.
EVE’s human-inspired musculature makes them durable enough for work but safe enough to operate with trained teams, for up to 6 hours on a 1-hour charge.
Using advanced embodied learning models, EVE’s multi-terrain wheels can navigate around corners and take elevators, getting even more efficient at everyday tasks over time.


What is EVE?

Our android model EVE is a versatile and agile humanoid robot that can perform a range of tasks. EVE is equipped with cameras and sensors to perceive and interact with their surroundings. Their mobility, dexterity, and balance allow it to navigate complex environments and manipulate objects effectively.

How can EVE assist me?

EVE is designed to help and excel in different domains: performing tasks in factories, helping out with logistical tasks in manufacturing, navigating and keeping watch at buildings as a patrolling guard, or assisting individuals.

Here’s a real-world example: Today, fleets of EVEs are working alongside trained human operators at corporate campuses guarded by Everon, opening doors, taking elevators, and operating keypads to keep offices safe. If EVE detects an issue, the operator can assume control of EVE to see through their eyes, operate their arms, and solve problems.

How does EVE use artificial intelligence (AI)?

EVE operates autonomously by default, using artificial intelligence to navigate your workspace. They’re able to open doors with different handles, see people or objects from a distance, and move through unstructured space, just like people do.

EVE helps human operators with tasks, using their strength, precision, and sensors to perform tasks like patrolling through an office building and checking employees’ ID badges. EVE keeps an eye out for potential dangers or mistakes, then they report back if an operator needs to assume shared autonomy. That means the operator is in control of EVE’s motor function when it’s time for a human to take action or make important decisions.

Will EVE replace human labor?

Humanoid androids can automate repetitive, dangerous, or physically demanding tasks that humans traditionally handle. Naturally, this could mean fewer job opportunities in those areas. However, the development, programming, and maintenance of humanoid androids can create new jobs in robotics and automation industries. Humans can also be trained for more complex roles, as androids take over certain simple tasks.

Many human qualities are near impossible to replicate, so while labor as we imagine it today might change, 1X believes that androids will create new opportunities for everyone’s benefit.

How can I purchase EVE for my workplace?

EVE is available for purchase for commercial industries and can be bought by contacting

How is EVE deployed?

After purchasing EVE, whether one or a fleet, your androids are delivered to your space, and a representative from 1X facilitates a training with your staff to ensure safe interaction with the androids. You’ll learn how to use 1XOS, test out assuming control of EVE via telepresence, and the androids will map your space. Once that training and calibration are complete, you’ll be able to use EVE as an extension of your workforce, from logistics to retail and more, with 1X always available to support your needs as a customer.

How Work Moves Forward
EVE is available now.

Contact us to see what’s possible with androids in your workplace.
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