Moss, Norway

ERP System Analyst

Targeted start date: Immediately.

We are seeking a talented and experienced ERP System Analyst to join our dynamic 1X Supply Chain team. The ERP System Analyst will be responsible for operating, maintaining, expanding and utilizing 1X's current ERP system to support our current prototyping and future serial production operations. This role involves close collaboration with the Hardware Engineering, Production Engineering, Production Operations, Quality and Supply Chain teams and the main focus relies on ensuring that the data in the ERP system is up to date and the system runs smoothly. The ERP System Analyst will also be asked to work closely with the rest of the Supply Chain team on supply and inventory planning.

1X designs androids built to benefit society. Since 2014, we’ve been building androids with the product design mindset of safety first, balanced performance, and smart behavior. Our mission is to build androids that work alongside people to meet the world’s labor demand and build an abundant society. Our wheeled model, EVE, is engineered to work with you, from guarding to logistics, and our bipedal model, NEO, is designed to become a general-purpose android, with a broad deployment in various applications, and, eventually, assisted living.

Founded in Moss, Norway, 1X has grown into an international team with offices around the globe. 1X envisions a bright new future: humans and androids, working and learning, Side by Side.


Why this job is exciting

  • Be part of a dynamic environment where you get to operate a system that enables a company to scale from lower volume to serial production

  • Support the rest of the Supply Chain team by ensuring that our in-house ERP system runs smoothly enabling them to source the latest innovative designs in robotics 

  • Work closely with cross-functional teams (including Hardware Engineering, Production Engineering, Production Operations, Supply Chain, Quality) and be the cornerstone of a collaborative process that turns design concepts into functioning products 

  • Take full responsibility for the ERP system, including optimizing and expanding its current functionalities


Within first month, you will...

  • Be familiar with our current ERP system and the implemented functionalities

  • Understand our product portfolio and the associated complexity with the hardware in it 

  • Gain a good overview of the processes on how the different teams at 1X operate to bring the product to life

Within three months, you will…

  • Own and operate the ERP system, while having established full control over the current functionalities

  • Have integrated our current CAD PDM (Product Data Management) solution with the ERP system to enable effective change management between EBoM (Engineering Bill of Materials), MBoM (Manufacturing Bill of Materials) and the PBoM (Purchasing Bill of Materials)

  • Use the data in the current ERP system for supply planning to achieve the consecutive production milestones of 1X

Within one year, you will…

  • Be seen as the main owner of and key go-to-person regarding the data in and the functionalities of the ERP system

  • Have transformed the system to support the serial production operations of 1X as the company embarks on producing larger volumes of humanoids

  • Be the cornerstone of change management between the EBoM, MBoM and PBoM


  • Ensure that the data  in the ERP system is up to date and robust (i.e. implement quality control for input data, regular sweeps to clean up irrelevant, old data, etc.), including for inventory levels, inventory value, and equipment locations
  • Work closely with the various cross functional teams to ensure that the ERP system is the single source of truth for part and equipment ordering as well as for assembly planning and manufacturing order creation
  • Configure the system to enable quick and easy preparation of supply plans, inventory reports and production statuses
  • Integrate our current CAD PDM (Product Data Management) Solution with the ERP system and manage the change as data migrates from one platform to the other over time
  • Configure and roll out additional ERP applications, modules, and functionalities to meet 1X's specific business needs throughout our scale up journey (e.g. automatic inventory re-ordering)
  • Provide training and support to end-users, ensuring they understand and use the system and its features effectively
  • Collaborate with the ERP system provider and internal IT team to troubleshoot and resolve technical issues related to our ERP system


  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, Business Administration, or related field.

  • Proven experience (2 years) working as an ERP System Analyst or in a similar role, with expertise in implementing and optimizing ERP systems

  • Proficiency in using an ERP software solution, such as SAP, Oracle, Odoo, Microsoft Dynamics, or similar platforms with a deep understanding of the IT infrastructure and processes behind it 

  • Strong understanding of ERP concepts, modules, and functionalities, such as procurement (parts, consumables and equipment), inventory, manufacturing and assembly planning

  • Effective communication skills, both verbal and written, with the ability to explain technical concepts to non-technical stakeholders

  • Ability to understand what a company needs from an ERP system at a low-volume prototype and serial production stage 


  • Experience working with Odoo (certification required) 
  • Experience integrating a CAD Product Data Management solution with the ERP system enabling efficient change management between EBoM, MBoM and PBoM
  • ERP system owner experience at a small-medium sized firm producing complex electro-mechanical assemblies
  • Ability to manipulate and configure the back end of the underlying ERP system to develop custom solutions for 1X's needs
  • Mechanical, Electrical and/or Manufacturing Engineering experience

Interview process 

Introduction Stage - we have initial conversations to get to know you better
  • [30m] Recruiter Screen with Win Yu
  • [45m] Hiring Manager Screen with Csaba Hartmann
Team Interview Stage - we then dive into your experience in more depth and introduce you to members of the team. This is also when you will do a take-home challenge if applicable
  • [60m] Deep-Dive conversation with Csaba Hartmann
Final Interview Stage - we move you to our final round
  • [15m] Expectation management with Csaba Hartmann
  • [30m] Conversation with CEO Bernt Øivind Børnich
You are welcome to request additional conversations with anyone you would like to meet, but didn’t get to meet during the interview process.

Not sure if this is you?
If you’re excited about this role, but you’re not sure if you qualify, apply anyway! You may be just the right candidate for this or other roles.


Our new headquarter in Moss, Norway, is a short train ride from Oslo. The facility is designed to be state-of-the-art, with a variety of 3D printers, an electronics lab, and controls test studio. 1XHQ offers food, showers, and outdoor activities. All employees are supported with a comprehensive relocation package to handle all logistics. Join us in Moss, where performance meets great company culture.

Joining our team means becoming a valued member of one of the biggest brands in humanoid robotics, where you'll play a part in shaping the future of Androids.

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1X is an inclusive and equal-opportunity employer that values diversity. We consider all qualified applicants regardless of race, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, or any other protected class. If you have a disability or special need that requires accommodation, please don't hesitate to let us know during the interview process. We will do our best to accommodate your needs.

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